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This is a quick guide to our website and information that can be found regarding the 2016-17 school year for our concert programs, this is used to verify that the student and parent understand the expectations of the Rock Ridge HS Bands.


                              All Information is listed on the website and all communication will be sent VIA our charms account. If you are not receiving email updates please email the director,


Quick overview of the information found on the website


Concerts are required and mandatory. Dates may change with reasonable notice from the director but we do everything in our power to stay consistent. The band will have after school rehearsals leading up to concerts that are required. Performances are 40% of a student’s grade.



December 8th 7pm

February 9th 7pm

March 9-11 State Assessment

May 25th 7pm

Graduation Performance (All members required final 9 weeks grade)


Note: If your student wishes to be in the “Wind Ensemble” for the 2017-18 school year they must participate in marching band. Band camp dates begin starting August 1st 2017 and continue through out the month. Attendance is required.


       We will have 2-4 additional Saturday commitments/rehearsals in the winter, and information can be found on the website/charms and will be emailed when released.


Instrument Rental: We have a limited amount of high quality school owned instruments available. The cost is $60.00 per semester


All students will be issued Concert Attire, fittings will be held in late September. Rental cost is $40 for the year. This covers replacement costs. Students are expected to return the garments after graduation performance dry-cleaned.


Note: Students must be able to meet minimum performance expectations in order to perform on concerts; all students must attend concerts and participate. Chair placement and music selections students participate in are up to the discretion of the director based upon performance/rehearsal preparedness.



30% Daily Grade

30% Rehearsals (After School)/ Tests-Quizzes

40% Performance-Projects


We ask that all families participate and volunteer in our major fundraisers.


Tag-Day  (Early Sept.)

Rock Ridge Band Day (October 1st)

State Marching Assessment (October 22nd)

Touch-A-Truck (May 13th)

Father Daughter Dances (Feb-April)


Directors Contact:   703-996-2103 office  571-379-6500 Cell

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