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Information regarding the bands

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Attendance Policy


Punctuality and Attendance

We do our very best to schedule out all dates a year in advance to allow parents ample time to schedule appointments, reunions, vacations, etc with out conflict. 


Attendance at all functions, practices and performances, are required. There is NEVER a question as to whether or not you have to come to a event or rehearsal. As a member of the performance ensemble you have a responsibility to participate. A performance ensemble learns and performs as a group, not as individuals.               


Being late or leaving early for practice or performance will only be excused for emergencies and must be approved by the Director, abuse can result in disciplinary action and result in a students unexcused absence being used.                


Work or Appointments are not an excuse for coming late, leaving early, or missing a practice or a performance. A complete schedule of events is given for all students to adjust their calendars. If you can not commit to the band in the entirety, do not bother, as in life no one is special, we need to function as one; One Band, One Sound. We will function as a unit and we all have to be held to the same standard.      

Attendance at all after school rehearsals are required. If a student misses after school concert rehearsals, they will not be permitted to perform on the concert. Doctors Appointments are not excused. 


School interferences will be handled on an individual basis with the director. Tutorial programs, missed tests, detentions, clubs, and many other activities must be monitored very closely in order to keep all programs functioning.   


Absences for the following reasons will be excused:        


 1.        Illness of student (small medical problems do not count)  Must have a doctors note or will not be excused. 


 2.        Serious illness or death of immediate family member  


 3.        A recognized religious holiday  


 4.        Court subpoena  


 5.        Certain military situations, i.e. deployment of parent/ guardian  


 6.        Act of God, At discretion of director and administration.  


Unexcused absences will result in a Final grade reduction. Work is not excused. For Marching Band, we have a 3 strike policy. Students who break the attendance policy and receive their 3rd strike will be removed from the group without refund or recourse. By committing to be a member of the RRHS Marching band you understand the commitment that comes with being a member. Band fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If a student misses a performance unexcused for any reason, they will lose their position in the ensemble.                



Students missing performances or rehearsals (excused only) will be afforded the opportunity to make-up required material. Make up material will be provide if a request for excused absence is approved by the director and must be submitted in the following manner:    


The excuse request must be written by a parent or guardian on a full sheet of paper. Please do not e-mail.     


The excuse must include a daytime and night time phone for the parent/ guardian.              


The signature of parent or guardian must be included.     


If an emergency occurs, the excuse request must be submitted to the director during the next class period following the missed event.           


Except in extreme emergencies, ALL requests for absence must be submitted in advance, and must follow absence guidelines.          


Conflicts between athletic and band events will be worked out between student, coach, band director, and athletic director. But we want our students to be productive in all our activities at RRHS, no student will be penalized for participation in numerous activities. But it cant be detrimental to any of the programs the student is involved in. It is the students responsibility to identify these problems in advance at the beginning of the season for the sport/activity.


Commitments are made to ensure the best for the student and any organization, do not commit if you can not fulfill them. If it is found that the situation can not be resolved the student/guardian must make the decision for which organization the student will belong to, for the benefit of all students participating.  


Excused absences will be made-up by various assignments from the director. Note: the director has the prerogative to refuse requests that jeopardize the success of the performance or rehearsal. In the event that make-up is not allowed, points will be deducted from the overall grade.


NOTE: NO STUDENT IS EXEMPT FROM FINAL EXAM. The playing portion of the final exam will be graduation band performance in June, this is required of all members in the band.

Band fees are non-refundable. Under no circumstance will fees be refunded, and when commitment is made, families are responsible for payment even if a student changes their mind after the commitment date. 



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