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You can find all the information regarding our marching band under the links section of the pages.

    Rock Ridge High Marching Band

            Pride and System equals success






Please use the following link to sign up for the 2022 Fall Marching Band

Important information:

All Members of the marching band earn a .5 GPA bump (Honors credit) for their regular band class. This means you will be graded on a 4.5 scale. This is a very big boost for college applications and is deserved because band members are the best, brightest and hardworking students in any HS and College admissions offices know this.


        Colleges give credit to students who are active participants in rigorous activities in a school community. This is it! 


         Note: Marching band students consistently have a .4 higher GPA than non-band students, Band students consistently score higher on the SAT and ACT.  You can do the academy of science, Monroe, AP courses and any club or activity at RRHS and be successful while doing band. Do not let the time scare you, it IS worth it. 

Memorizing music- Do not stress this, we will teach you how and we take our time. This comes easy when you are taught how. 

Marching and Playing- Again, this is something that is learned, do not stress this as our awesome staff will teach you everything you need to know, take our time and make sure you are comfortable, safe and confident. No one knows how to do this naturally, it takes some one to teach you!

Practice Schedule:  The schedule is VERY manageable and encourages success in all classes and band. 

        Once school begins we generally practice 2-3 times per week for 2-4 weeks in September and 1-3  times per week in October. The competitions season starts middle September and concludes the last weekend of October. The season is fast, fun and worth it. 


Yes we have camp. Yes it does take some time in August but it is fun and rewarding. This allows us to learn a great deal of things prior to the start of school. We have pushed the start dates back to accommodate travel and give a larger window in the summer, so it is imperative you attend camp if you want to participate. We are doing everything in our power to be good stewards and efficient with everyones time. 

We begin Band camp on August 1st 2022. A more detailed calander will be shared by July 1 2022.


We are fortunate enough to travel and perform in some of the best HS and College stadiums possible. We travel and take care of the students on performance days. We cater and feed the students 1-2 meals per competition day and this is included in your band dues. 

The Fee is $450  (non-refundable) for the 2022 season and this is a great value for what the students receive. 

-Instructional staff

-Travel costs to competitions 

-Uniform use

-All home football games and meal

-1 meal per competition

-Dry fit T-shirt (band custom)

-Camp costs

-Incidental items (tuners, reeds, etc as needed)

-Custom designing music, drill and program 

-Travel to college stadiums and outstanding HS venues

-Much more

Fee can be paid online or by sending a check into the band room Payable to Rock Ridge HS- Attn Band Fee

Online Fee Portal;

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