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Rock Ridge Uniforms

Marching/Concert Band Uniforms

Rock Ridge High School Band members are fitted for Marching Band Uniforms in August. Each student is assigned a uniform which consists of a jacket, jumper, gauntlets, gloves and a shako (hat with plume) for the year, which will be stored in the band uniform room at school. Both ladies and gentlemen will need to purchase marching band shoes at the time of their fitting. They will also need to purchase black calf high socks for competitions and performances. Students will get dressed for performances at school and turn their Marching Band Uniforms in immediately following the band competition or event.


Uniforms are for official school functions only and are monitered by the band director.


Cleaning and Returning of Concert and Marching Garments


All Marching Band Uniforms must be returened the day of a event.

Concert attire will be purchased and owned by the students


Guidelines for returning checked out items


     • The student is responsible to have the uniform dry cleaned if the Marching Band Uniform/Concert Uniform is soiled while in use if deemed excessive by director and uniform chair.

     • The Marching Band Uniform is only issued for official Rock Ridge HS Events. A exception will be made for senior photographs only. Please contact the Director for more information. 



Thank you for helping us maintain the quality of our Marching Uniforms for future use!

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