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Tag Day Fundraiser

Tag Day 


What is Tag Day?


Good question!  Basically it’s a fundraiser, in perhaps the most literal sense.


TAG DAY is done by virtually all high school bands — in the northern Virginia area.  Our band students, walk the neighborhoods throughout Rock Ridge High School areas of Ashburn.  They knock on doors and collect straight-up donations for the band program. The neighborhoods are pretty receptive to this, especially when our kids play them a tune or two or when they just  hear the festivities coming down the street.  We leave each house with an informational flyer regarding our programs for the upcoming fall. 


This happens on a Saturday in the early fall.  It takes all day, but we typically split the day up into two shifts (morning and afternoon).  In between, lunch is served at the school.


What we need from students is their enthusiasm. They will spend the day with two or three of their bandmates.  What we need from our parents is drivers for the various neighborhoods — yes, if your student wants you, you can be their driver with their friends. If not, that is ok as well!!!


In our 2014 inaugural year, our tiny group collected over $12k on one day - so this is a very important fundraiser for us!!!

Who Should Participate?

All Band members: Symphonic and Concert Bands, Marching Band and Color Guard.


What to expect:



Do not skimp on breakfast or lunch.

Wear your band shirt and school colors plus comfortable shoes. We will wear our uniforms, weather permitting.


Bring water - leave it in the car if you need to.  Even though we have “drivers,” you don’t ride much!  You walk.  You will get tired. HYDRATE.

Figure out who is a good “spokesperson”.

Have fun!!!



Parent Drivers

We need at least 35-40 drivers at all times to supervise our kids and ensure their safety.  You will shuttle a small group of kids from RRHS to their assigned neighborhood(s) and follow them (from your car, maintaining visibility, or on foot) as they go door to door. The students will run any money collected back to you for safe keeping. The morning is usually the most profitable, we need as MANY drivers as possible in the morning.   Please give any time you can.



We will have pizza or sandwiches and water for the students and drivers.

Lunch will be served from 12-1pm


Tag Day 2.0

Once we are finished going door to door in the community the students will write letters to family and friends who do not live in the area and request donations and sponsorships. We ask that EVERY student and family on the day of tag day, show up with the names and addresses of ten family and freinds who we can mail our schedule and information to.


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