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 Rock Ridge High School Color Guard

Home of the Outdoor and Winter Guard

            The  Rock  Ridge  High   Color  Guard


Mission Statement 

In the fall, the colorguard is part of the marching band. When the marching band activity ends in November, the colorguard continues indoors as the Winterguard. They move inside to a gym floor for a fun-filled season of high-powered competition using recorded music. Tryouts are held in November, then the Guard start rehearsals for their competitive winter program. Competitions begin in late January and continue through March. The guard competes at the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA).

Requirements are high school students with a desire to learn the necessary skills to succeed in a competitive activity. Everyone is expected to be faithful to the rehearsal schedule and attend all competitions.


In the summer, all members who wish to return are strongly encouraged to attend a Colorguard camp. Winterguard is open to males and females, grades 9-12. Winterguard/Colorguard is not just about having fun, traveling, and meeting new friends. It is also about confidence building, high self-esteem, endurance, balance, emotion, feeling, passion - in short, it is about self-discipline, responsibility, being sensitive, more human, more compassionate, and more REAL LIFE.
























1) 1. What is colorguard?

2) 2. Why does the colorguard have 7th hour to practice during and not any of the other sports? 

3) 3. When we compete, how are we scored?

4) 4. What is the difference between colorguard and winterguard? 

5) 5. How long does Winterguard last?

6) 6. Who can I call if I need a ride to or from practice at the high school, or when I have questions about events or other things?



1) Q1. What is colorguard?


Much like Winterguard, Color Guard is during the summer and outdoors.  The Color Guard performs at all the football half time shows and compeitions through out the state and nation to the music of the band. The guard is a extremely important part of the bands success as it tells the visual story of the show and expressess the emotion and mood of the band. Guard uses Flag, Wooden Rifles and (Dull) Metal swords called sabres. We use many different types of flags and costumes to create effects. It starts the first week of August yearly.



2) Q2. When we compete, how are we scored?


There are five different judges to give us our scores. One judges our unity. He judges if the work is clean and together. Another one looks at our forms and pattern to see if we have an understanding of what is going on. And also, to make sure that we are all in step or on count with the team. And the other judges our performance quality.


3) Q3. What is the difference between colorguard and winterguard? 


Colorguard marches and performs with the band. Winterguard is without the band and performed inside. We perform to a recording of our music. Winterguard is also a mixture between dance and flags. There is a lot more movement involved during winterguard and we are also more noticable to the judges because the band isn't there.


4) Q4. How long does Winterguard last?


Winterguard starts in early November and ends the last week in March.


5) Q5. Who can I call I have questions about events or other things?


If you have any questions please contact Mr. Ratcliff at the High School. 703-996-2103 or
























Is Colorguard for you? 


Colorguard is the musical interpretation of what our very own RRHS Marching Band play at half time and Competitions. We illustrate the point the music is trying to convey to the listeners. 

Colorguard is full of technique and dance. We portray the music with equipment through ballet, jazz, and modern dance. 

 The Colorguard class meets afterschool with the marching band. No previous experience is required. This ensemble teaches performance skills, including dance and technique in rifle, saber, and flag. 

To do well in this class you must attend all performances with the marching band and have a good attitude and a willingness to learn. Your schedule will read Marching band/Colorguard. This is open to incoming students 8-12. Uniforms and equipment are provided by the school district, but there is a fee for marching band/guard.

Requirements: All members, returning and new, are required to attend a Colorguard Clinic the first week in May. You are also required to attend Band Camp. Dates will be announced. 

Auditions for Winterguard are in early November after football season comes to a close.





























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