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Band Dues 

Student Band Dues


The award-winning Rock Ridge Phoenix Marching Band and Color Guard Programs provide an amazing experience that benefit our students’ lives in many ways for years to come. Providing these quality music programs is an expensive undertaking and the funding that is allocated to the band programs from Loudoun County Public

Schools covers only a portion of these costs. We must also secure significant additional funding from Student Band Fees and Band Support Organizationsponsored Fund Raising Activities in order to cover the cost of our programs and activities



Marching Band Dues- You can pay all of these fess online via the parent portal on the Rock Ridge HS main Page. Link listed below

Marching Band Fee:  $480.00


Please fill out the Registration Form which can be found under on the Marching Band Page.


Note: Band fees are not refundable.


*If there is financial hardship, please speak to Mr. Ratcliff directly. There is no reason not to participate.


Marching Band Shoes $30.00


Indoor Color Guard Dues varies by season


Jazz Band Dues varies by season-2019 we WILL offer an extra curricular Jazz Program

Students purchase the attire and we offer fittings for the sizes in September of each year. A Link will be sent with our specific attire and the pieces or full uniform can be purchased online. We ask that you get our uniform through our vendor.


RBSO Membership $25 Per Adult

Please fill out RBSO Membership Form which can be found under RBSO section. 


In some cases the student band fees go toward purchasing items that they will keep, such as clothing and shoes. Band fees also help to cover the following expenses:


     • Specialized music instruction.

     • Alteration, dry cleaning, repair and replacement of Marching Uniforms and

       Concert Attire.

     • Instrument and equipment repair and replacement.

     • Band and marching t-shirts.

     • Music

     • Program licensing and competition fees.

     • Water and snacks for band camps, away events and home football games.


Band fees are due at the beginning of the school year. Failure to pay the required fees on time will prevent your student from fully participating in band activities such as traveling on approved band trips and receiving band attire. If there is a financial hardship, please contact the Director privately to discuss options. Financial issues will never stop a member from participating, but the Director needs open communication to help. Band fees are not refundable.

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