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Chaperone Checklist


Loading Procedures:


The following items should be gathered and placed outside the band room doors, curbside; The PIT Crew may need assistance with loading the suburban or trailer. 



  • Get keys from Mr. Ratcliff to unlock cafeteria doors for access to ice machine.  Be sure doors are locked when finished.

  • Two black rolling coolers (stored in uniform closet) filled with bottled water and ice (located in cafeteria)

  • Snacks and extra trays of water (2) from the storage/uniform rooms

  • Large clear “plume” bin and box of rubber gloves.  *Gloves MUST be worn at all times when handling plumes to prevent damage.

  • Large, pink bin with 3 extra uniforms (S, M, L), gauntlets (1 set), black gloves (M, L), shakos (M, L, XL sizes), and rain gear (ponchos?) 

  • Small 3-tier tower (located on right hand shelf in uniform room) containing back-up uniform repair supplies 

  • Red First Aid Kit

  • Two trash bag on each bus

  • Hand warmers (with cool temperatures)


Bus-Related Procedures:


  • Meet with the volunteer coordinators for itinerary and bus assignments.

  • Ask Mr. Ratcliff for the “red binder” or student emergency contacts/medical needs forms to be carried along on each bus.

  • Get the bus driver’s name/phone number in case of emergency.

  • Prompt band captains to conduct a head count (document names and the number of students on bus).

  • Enforce “Silent Bus” rule for the first 5 minutes into departing and again 5 minutes prior to arrival back to school.  This is a courtesy to the bus driver.

  • When traveling after sundown, ensure that boys and girls are seated on opposite sides of the bus.  Make announcement, “Girls on the left/right and boys on the left/right side of bus.”  Please reinforce this rule with periodic walk-thru’s.



Arrival at Competition:


  • Students should remain on the bus until Mr. Ratcliff gives approval to unload.  This is often the time when the hosting school will provide “hand stamps” for the event.

  • Monitor students on bus when changing in/out of uniforms.

  • Inspection:  Trouser hems, BLACK socks, and shoe strings are tucked in. Assist students as needed.

  • Carry “plume” bin to practice field/stadium and distribute plumes prior to heading onto the practice field OR before entering competition stadium (coordinate time/distribution with Mr. Ratcliff).

  • Ensure student safety to/from the stadium/restrooms.

  • Help set-up and/or serve snacks, water, and meals.

  • Collect plumes from ALL students (except Drum Major) using clean rubber gloves.  Store in the clear (plume) bin and return to truck/trailer.



***Ensure that one plume is set aside for Drum Major during awards.



Returning from Competition:


  • Remind students to pick up trash and thank the bus driver!

  • Return “red binder” – student emergency/medical needs forms to Mr. Ratcliff

  • Empty out black water coolers (2).  Clean and wipe dry with paper towels (in uniform closet).  Leave lids open to air dry please!

  • Ensure the following items are unloaded from truck/trailer and returned to the uniform closet:

    • Large clear (plume) bin

    • Pink bin containing extra uniforms and accessories

    • Small 3-tiered tote with uniform repair supplies!!

    • All student uniforms, accessories, and shakos

  • Assist with student uniform “Check-in”:  Tops and bottoms should be hung correctly on hanger and gauntlets (1 pir) are located in the back zipper pocket of garment bag. 




Pit Crew Checklist – Competitions/Away Events


Loading Procedures:


  • Meet with the PIT Crew leaders for a brief summary of responsibilities for the day.

  • Safely load/unload band and guard equipment into truck/trailer.

  • Ensure the gray tote with props (black screens) is packed and loaded onto truck/trailer.


Arrival at Competition:


  • Help assemble and stage the props as required.  Also, safely transport PIT equipment to the stadium.

  • Provide additional support to front ensemble and with props on the field during the performance show.

  • Following the band performance, disassemble props and ensure that all band equipment is loaded back onto truck/trailer.


Return from Competition:


  • Ensure that all band and guard equipment is safely unloaded.

  • Return the gray tote of props to the storage room.

  • Note if/when any band equipment repairs are needed.

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